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1. Cabot Financial – Debt Collection Agency

2. Who are Cabot Financial?

3. What can Cabot Financial do?

4. What should I do if Cabot Financial try to contact me?

5. How do I contact Cabot Financial?

6. How can Refresh help me stop Cabot Financial?

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Cabot Financial – Debt Collection Agency

Have you received any communication from Cabot Financial?

For many people, being in a challenging financial position in itself can be difficult enough. Attempting to make regular monthly repayments to your creditors for things like loans, credit cards, catalogues or overdrafts isn’t always easy to do, especially with everyday living expenditure increasing each year.

Debt collection agencies such as Cabot Financial are not regulated enforcement agents. They do not have the same legal rights that a bailiff would have.

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Who are Cabot Financial?

Cabot Financial is a debt collection agency that operates within the UK.

Cabot Financial is a UK debt purchase company. They service more than 7 million customers who have outstanding debts.

The debt recovery company was established in 1998. Cabot employ more than 1350 staff across their UK offices. Their main headquarters are located in Kings Hill, Kent.

Cabot Financial are a part of the Cabot Credit Management Group, they are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and are also members of the Credit Services Association (CSA). Cabot state that they operate to high regulatory standards and take pride in the way the company engages with all of its customers.

The debt collection agency’s customer service team speak to thousands of customers every day and attempt to help them find a solution to repaying their outstanding balances.

The company state that they will ‘work with you to find the most appropriate solution for your personal circumstances’, in addition to ‘helping you take positive steps towards financial recovery.’

Cabot Credit Management is a registered firm with the Lending Standards Board

If you’re struggling with debt and need help with Cabot Financial. Call our specialist advisors today on 0800 121 48 63 or complete the online form on this page to request a call-back.

What can Cabot Financial do?

Cabot Financial are not granted any additional legal rights through the court to assist them with their debt collection recovery strategies. They cannot take further action whereby the original creditor would not be able to take themselves. Cabot Financial are required to use a similar debt collection recovery process and follow the same guidelines as the original creditor when recovering the outstanding balance.

Cabot Financial will use a number of different methods to get in touch with you. Mostly, you will receive letters and telephone calls from their team.

Communicating effectively with Cabot Financial can sometimes be challenging.

Fortunately, Cabot Financial, as well as other debt collection agencies are not allowed to give you misinformation about their legal standing.

The specialist money advisors at Refresh Debt Services will take into account your current financial situation and help to find a solution that’s right for you. Our team can help you arrange an affordable repayment plan. We’re able to do this for debts that are held by Cabot Financial, including any other debts that you may have elsewhere.

Speak to a specialist advisor today on 0800 121 48 63 or simply complete the online form to request a call-back.

What should I do if Cabot Financial try to contact me?

Do not ignore their letters and phone calls to start with. This will only make it more difficult when dealing with Cabot Financial.

Knowing exactly what your rights are and what to do at each stage of their debt collection process will help you resolve the situation as soon as possible. Refresh are able to help you by discussing a number of financial solutions that are available.

Debt recovery companies such as Cabot Financial will often send many standardised letters. They will ask you to contact them by telephone to set up a suitable arrangement to repay your outstanding balance. If you’re finding this difficult or unable to do this, they may threaten you with a visit to your home.

If this scenario continues, Cabot Financial may try to offer you an out of court settlement. Depending on the circumstances, they could take you to court to obtain a county court judgement (CCJ) for any unpaid debt. In a number of cases, Cabot could even make you bankrupt.

At this stage, it’s important to remember that these are all automated letters, a similar letter will be sent by Cabot Financial to everyone they are trying to recover unpaid debt from.

For most people, it can often be difficult to set up a suitable arrangement plan with Cabot Financial. Refresh Debt Services are able to assist you in finding a suitable outcome. We’ll find you a solution that you’re able to realistically afford. We will do this by taking into account your current financial circumstances. An income and expenditure sheet for your household will be completed, this will help us to understand what your best available option will be.

Have you been contacted by Cabot Financial? If yes, speak to one of our friendly specialist advisors for free and impartial advice. We’re able to understand your current financial situation and advise on a range of solutions, helping you become debt free.

How do I contact Cabot Financial?

You can contact Cabot Financial by using the following methods:

If you wish to contact Cabot Financial via post, you can write to them at: Cabot Financial, PO Box 241, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4NA

You can contact Cabot Financial via telephone by calling 0344 556 0263

Their office opening hours are as follows:
8:00am – 9:00pm, Monday to Friday
9:00am – 1:30pm Saturday
Closed – Sunday

Remember that any telephone calls you make may be recorded.

Visit Cabot Financial’s website directly at:

If you need to email Cabot Financial, you can send them a message using their online web form, located on their website (see above).

How can Refresh help me stop Cabot Financial?

Our team of specialist money advisors know exactly how difficult it can be when you are being contacted by Cabot Financial as well as any other debt collection agency.

We provide free impartial advice and guidance to assist you and many others by finding a solution that’s right for your needs.

If you need help with Cabot Financial as well as help with any other debts or collection agencies, call our specialist advisors today on 0800 121 48 63 or complete the online form on the right to request a call-back.

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