Refer A Friend

If you feel a friend or family member could benefit from speaking to one of our debt advisers. Please refer them to Refresh.

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Refer A Friend

Do you know someone who could benefit from our services?
Earn £100 of Tesco Vouchers for you and your friend.

If you know a friend or family member is struggling to meet their monthly bills and commitments, please speak to them and ask them to contact us as soon as possible. The earlier they receive professional debt advice the better.

If we are able to help anyone you introduce to us – and if they become a client, we’ll send you and your friend £100 worth of Tesco vouchers as a thank you.

Please be sure you have their permission.



How to Refer a Friend?

Give your name and the relationship to your friend. Give your friend’s name you would like us to help and the best contact number to call them on. If possible, the best time to call. Email this information to with the subject line “Refer a Friend”.

All conversations with our advisers are completely confidential.

Note: This refer-a-friend scheme is open to existing Refresh Debt Advice clients only.
Referral vouchers may be claimed when the friend/relative has made their first payment.



About Us

Refresh Debt Advice is one of the UK’s leading Debt Management companies. We have been providing Debt Management Plans to our clients for over 15 years.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people to find solutions to their debt problems. So far, we have helped our clients repay over £21 million of debt. Something we are very proud of.  We appreciate no two clients are the same, that’s why we’re committed to offering tailored advice to support each individual’s particular set of circumstances.

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