Overview of Services

At Refresh, we are committed to transparency in explaining the fees associated with the administration of your Debt Management Plan (DMP). Our fees cover a range of essential services aimed at providing comprehensive support throughout your financial journey.


Financial Review and Calculations:

  • Reviewing your financial position and circumstances.
  • Calculating payments to creditors.
  • Producing a financial statement and offers for creditors.


Negotiation and Communication:

  • Initial negotiation with creditors via phone, letter, and email.
  • Ongoing communication with both creditors and you.
  • Active negotiation to reduce interest and charges.


Plan Management:

  • Distribution of your payments.
  • Handling creditor harassment complaints.
  • Annual reviews of your plan.

Setup Costs:

No upfront fees; setup costs spread over the first 6 months.

Prevents delays in payments to creditors.


Monthly Management Fee:

  • First 6 months: 50% of the monthly payment (max £250 per month).
  • After 6 months:
  • £80 to £99 payment: £39 minimum fee.
  • £100 or higher payment: 18.5% of the monthly payment (min £45, max £120).


Flexibility and Adjustments

Fees are subject to change per your specific DMP terms.

We may reduce fees on a case-by-case basis for lower-than-average monthly payments.

Informal settlements negotiated by Refresh in which debts are partially written off are charged at 20% of the saved amount.

Please note that the terms outlined here are subject to change, and your specific DMP agreement will govern the applicable fee structures.


For any questions or clarifications, feel free to contact our customer support at 0800 121 48 63